Applications (law enforcement, tolling, etc.)

Finding the wanted vehicles

In addition to law enforcement and road management applications, speed camera can be applied in order to find wanted vehicles. The server software will compare all of the passing cars with the wanted vehicle database and will send different kinds of alarm if any wanted vehicle was found. Also, this software can provide different possible statistics about this kind of vehicles (number of passes, time of passes, speeds …).


ETC and ORT and vehicle inspection certificate control

Since the system is able to log all the passing vehicles, it can be utilized in order to ETC (Electronic Toll Collection)/ ORT (Open Road Tolling) and vehicle inspection control (if the database was available). Other constraints may also be controlled such as:

  •   Heavy vehicles traffic limitations (for some hours of day or…)
  •   Heavy vehicles traffic restriction in some special roads in Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  •   Traffic zone
  •   Public vehicles traffic ban (from suburban roads)
  •   Governmental vehicles traffic ban
  •   Special lanes control (ambulance, disables people, bus, etc…)


Instantaneous speed based on lane and light and heavy classification

The fixed speed camera, as its default and basic application, can be utilized in order to instantaneous speed violation enforcement. When any vehicle passes from the system’s vision range, it will be traced and its speed will be calculated through image processing algorithms. In addition to record the passing vehicles’ images, the image of the offender vehicle would also be recorded and it will be punished.


Average speed

By installation of the speed camera at two (or more) sequential location in a road, you can achieve the average speed (trip time) for every passing vehicle through places. So even if any offender driver drives carefully in speedometer system zones and drives with not allowed speed in the rest of the road, it is possible to detect and punish him/her. The method of calculation is in a way that the passage time of each vehicle from two (or more) speedometer camera zone (which their distances are known) is recorded and by calculating the traffic time length of a vehicle between two systems, providing their places, it would be possible to calculate the average speed and enforce the law.


Heavy vehicle traffic ban in speed lane

If the transition of heavy vehicles is defined prohibited in fast lanes, this system will detect all of the heavy vehicles passing through that lane (it is also possible for other lanes).


Banned lane transition

Other violations such as solid line crossing, passing special lane, opposite direction, and reverse gear driving, etc. can also be enforced.