Stereo vision fixed speed camera

System overview

This system installed along the streets or roads, performs the speed detection and license plate reading for passing vehicles (not just the offending vehicles) all day long and in all weather conditions. Using several sophisticated image processing algorithms, the system has reached an impressive accuracy rate of less than 1% average error and more than 95% license plate reading accuracy which makes it one of the most advanced and expert systems available in this field. All these systems connect together so that it is possible to calculate the speed of travel between the camera points; also in order to law enforcement it is also possible to measure the average speed of each vehicle.

Stereo-vision fixed speed camera

The system has been entirely designed based on image processing and IR LED projectors also have been used in order to work in nights and all weather conditions. Speed extraction and car detection based on stereo vision are in a way that enables the car system to detect any vehicle regardless of its shape, size, and color. The system categorizes vehicles in two light and heavy classes. Plate reading ability of this system is also very robust in reading various altered, shadowed, and dark plates. The system is also fully activated at night and even provides color photos of the passing cars.

All day long camera’s functionality

All day long camera’s functionality-2