In-car speedometer general information

In-car speedometer system is the first image processing based speedometer system in the world that law can be enforced for offender vehicles through it. This system is based on image processing technology which has installed on 76 cop vehicle (subtle control) in Iran and it records and reports driving violations. This system will take an image from every passing vehicle in front of cop vehicle which is driving faster than allowed speed and records its plate number in order to enforce the law and punishment.

Speed detection by in-car camera   

This system consists of several hardware and software components which includes various camera, monitors, processing, controlling and monitoring equipment. Speedometer cameras are installed on the windshield and license plate reader camera is installed on the dashboard. The monitor is also installed on the dashboard and the basic structure of the system including processor, charger and inverter are set on the trunk.


This achievement was honored to receive the first rate of khwarazmi international award in 2008 and an article titled “A Vision-Based Law Enforcement System” about this system published in Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition conference in US in 2009 was presented as one of the best articles in this conference.