Lambda Sorter

Free-fall Grains sorting machine

λ sorter is a kind of free-fall sorting machine, which is applied in order to sort grains, nuts, cereals, etc. The crops will be divided into 2 groups: accepted and rejected. The functionality of this sorter is as following:

The grains would be poured on a slope and spread through a conveyer belt or a vibrator. After passing the slope, the grains speed up (about 4 m/s). It is worth mentioning that this speed will change along with changing the grain type, length and the angle of the slope. The grains would continue to flow freely in the air and they will be recognized based on different predefined parameters when they are passing across the recognition box (including projectors, cameras, sensors, and lasers probably) and the crop will be divided into 2 groups: accepted and rejected.

This process is accomplished by a few centimeters passage during a 10 millisecond (0.001 s) time interval. After passing this few centimeters, the grains would pass a line which includes dozens of compact air nozzles. The mentioned air nozzles, are separately controllable and they can be controlled from the main processor.

If a grain was in the rejected category, the front pumps would be activated and the mentioned grain would be sent out of the group by a blow jet. Thus, all of the accepted grains continue their path and directly enter the accepted grain container or outlet. The out of path grains, which are in the rejected category, will enter the related outlet. It is worth mentioning that a 360˚ image would be taken from the front and the back of the rejected and accepted grains and the features of each grain would be extracted by the processor through these images and data from the other sensors and lasers and then the outputs would be controlled; the real-time statistical performance data would be displayed on the monitor and also stored in the memory of the system.

This system is able to use UV radiation in order to sterilize the passing grains. With the usage of this spectrum, it is possible to detect the existence of Mycotoxins (including Aflatoxin) which are one of the main issues in the export of products such as pistachio.

By equipping this device with a laser, it is possible to detect the internal characteristics of the grain.

The most important characteristic is the detection of being nucleated in date and summer fruit sorting.

free fall grains sorting machine  

The performance of the machine:

  • Appropriate for different types of nuts, beans and grains sorting
  • Color-based sorting
  • Size-based sorting
  • The ability of sorting based on each grain’s specific deficits (pistachio skin, raisin’s wood, etc.).
  • Appropriate for seedless fruits sorting (dates, olive, cherry, etc.)
  • The ability of sterilization with UV radiation

The machine features:

  • Small size (5*4 )
  • Selectable line numbers
  • The possibility of customization in order to produce washable samples
  • The possibility of adding an extra outlet (the grains would be divided into 3 categories)
  • 24/7 functionality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Industrial standard

The machine advantages:

  • Export value-added for the products
  • Reduction of dissatisfaction and product return
  • Reduction of wasted materials
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Production line discipline
  • Production line Output and input precise controlling (production line management).
  • Products health increase
  • Permanent and repeatable quality
  • Production line analysis and reports
  • The possibility of product tracking