Stereo Vision Red light violation enforcement system

The general explanation of red light offense enforcement

The red light violation enforcement system would be set on cross-sections in order to monitor the vehicle’s stop before the crosswalk, and it can detect and track all of the vehicles based on 3-D vision through image processing algorithms. If any violation occurs, the system will intelligently take two witness images, which the red light status and the offender vehicle’s location are clear on those images.

These two images are chosen in such a way that the first image refers to the time when the vehicle entered the violation zone, and the second witness image is related to a while after the first witness image when the violation has occurred and the vehicle is leaving the intersection. Detection of vehicles and violations are based on a 3-D vision and regardless of the plate, so the vehicles without a standard plate or with manipulated plate, which cannot be detected with license plate reading software, are also recognized in this system and in the case of violation occurrence, a complete violation would be recorded for them. Also, the location and placement of the plate, do not affect the detection of the offender vehicle’s violation.

Regarding the 3D location of vehicles in the red light violation enforcement system, the direct passage from the traffic light or turn to the left and right violations would be distinguished separately. Also, the vehicle would be detected if it stops on the pedestrian line and stopping on pedestrian line violation would be recorded for that vehicle. The moment of violation occurrence would also be specified in the time graph. The system can simultaneously record multiple violations for different vehicles, and the plate of each individual vehicle would be automatically detected by the system.

One of sample output images of this system is as follows:


As you can see in the pictures, the vehicle’s movement direction and red light status are visible and the offender vehicle is distinct. It is worth mentioning that one of the red light violation recording system’s capabilities is video recording from each violation, which is provided in a small size and high quality. This video is available even on the internet through violation ID. This video shows the intersection a few seconds before and a few seconds after violation occurrence, which is one of the additional and distinctive capabilities of this system.