Load volume estimation and traffic record

System’s general information

The main function of this system is load volume determination for passing trucks under this system’s gate. so for this purpose, three-dimensional images are taken from the above and side spaces of each truck and the system’s software intelligently recognizes the load section of each truck and calculates the loading volume through integration from loading section. This system is applicable for bulk loads (rubbish, dirt, rubble and etc…).

The system’s hardware consists of two 3-D imaging system which the first one is installed on the top and the second one is installed next to the trucks passing routes. By passage of each truck from the covering range of this device, the essential 3-D information for truck volume determination will be automatically stored. There is no need for stopping the vehicle and the system will intelligently determine the volume of every passing vehicle.

Camera Pole

Two license plate reader cameras are considered in the system which detect the passing vehicle’s license plate automatically and record some information for each passage, including:

  1. Plate number
  2. Truck’s image
  3. Plate’s image
  4. Carried load volume


Accessibility and reporting from this database would be possible through the network and it is also possible to have different kinds of a statistical report based on a special vehicle passage or system’s input and output general condition investigation in the form of average or transited load sum in various time intervals.

This system is also applicable in mines, factory load entrance, waste management system, rubbish and waste disposal centers etc.

Below you can see the system’s general schematic.


User unit


Processing unit

  • Dimension detection + Waste volume detection
  • Back plate detection + Front plate detection



  • Depth detection stereo cameras
  • Height detection stereo cameras
  • ANPR camera