About Us

Cam2vision is professionally working on image processing and computer vision fields since 2007 and has produced a wide range of products related to these technologies through benefiting from an expert and creative team. Main products of Cam2vision are related to intelligent traffic systems (ITS) based on image processing and Radar technologies such as stereovision speed camera, in-car speed camera, intersection controlling systems (red light), Karabin Embedded traffic camera and parking License plate reader. In addition to traffic products, another range of Cam2vision products are in products’ quality control field especially agricultural products sorter.

Besides image processing which is our core competency, Cam2vision team includes expert electronic and mechanical teams which can satisfy the technical prerequisites of producing a complete product. Though our main competitive advantage is powerful image processing engine and algorithms, all of the required experts with secondary skills in order to complete designation of a product (such as fruit sorter) are gathered in this team which include electronic boards design for controlling, power supplying, processing also mechanical skills for designing structure, housing and robotic actuators and also design and producing optical systems and systems’ lighting.

The only barrier for Cam2vision in producing new and innovative products is technological restricts; So the first launched project of Cam2vision was in-car speed camera which can recognize all of the passing vehicles in front of a cop car, determine their distance and calculate their speed. This project leads to a high-quality product based on the strict violation enforcement standards in 2008 and we had the opportunity of accomplishing a project with a 1-million-dollar financial turnover. Nowadays the provided image processing engine in this project is the main core of ADAS systems (Advance Driver assistance system) which is one of our team’s capabilities and priorities.

Hundreds of our products have been produced and utilized, and along with developing these products, technical knowledge of our R&D team has also been developed and matured for designing and creating industrial and superior solutions. Cam2vision’s strategy has always been committed to professional ethics and providing the best quality products and services; thus Karabin Embedded violation enforcement camera was honored to receive the Certificate of Europe (CE) standard and also this team has won the superior award of research, innovation, and invention two times in Iran (from Khwarizmi international and youth awards).