Cam 2 Vision has been applying the image processing technology for ITS solutions and sorting machines since 2007…

Optical Sorter:

Intelligent fruits and seeds sorter (nuts, cereals and grains)

Two apples which are growing on the same tree branch, may seem similar, but when you hold them in your hands and look at them with your eyes and brain perception, you will certainly find out some differences in color, shape, spots, etc. Optical sorters will perform all this process with such a higher speed, accuracy and capability at industrial scale, in comparison with human beings.

In other words, sorters contain some lasers, visible and invisible cameras and sensors, which are responsible for taking images from fruits and grade the products into various groups through applying image processing algorithms and artificial intelligence, based on defined setting by machine user. The machine will separate the graded fruits into different groups through its mechanical operators with no fatigue and regarding to hygiene principles, instead of human hands.