Karabin in practice

Beyond the technical features of Karabin camera, production and application of a system in macro level require special considerations which include so many points for completing a product, passing from the experimental sample to micro and macro production scale. After several years of working, Karabin system successfully passed these levels and has reached its maturity level and practically surmounted different technical, securement, production, supporting and standardization issues.


Karabin’s production line

Due to expanded naturalization of Karabin camera, most of its smithereens and modules are produced and assembled in Our company.

Karabin production line chart
After purchasing, the smithereens enter the production process by the business unit and each component is evaluated in housing, structure and electronic part and then they will be integrated into the electro-housing unit. Each electronic board will be tested separately in a unit which is called test board and simulates the practical situation of the system and after ensuring all the connections and internal and external wirings, they will be assembled.

Karabin’s production line

After providing the main Karabin platform which is the output of the electro-housing unit, the modules including electronic board, sensor, lens and processing board, etc. are set on the platform and all the necessary connections to the internal parts will be connected.

Kernel and system’s firmware will be installed, related examinations will be done and finally, the related checklist will be filled out by the expert. After finishing the production process, all the cameras will be loaded in similar operational condition and through an offline traffic film, the final test will be done, and they will be packed according to standards and delivered to the customer.
Karabins’ box

Production line design is in a way that the maximum accuracy and speed are considered in systems’ production and this line is able to produce 1000 system in a year.


Due to the industrial application of Karabin, the main and biggest goal of production is considered achieving an ideal quality and various methods are used in order to fulfill this goal.

Several quality control stations are considered in the production process in order to ensure the authenticity of the products. These stations are designed in a way that maximum quality parameters are examined in minimum time and meanwhile, all the processes and capabilities are controlled.

Karabin production tests

All these checklists and quality control station outputs are recorded in a quality control document and therefore this subject that “which operator checks which feature of a product”, can be investigated in Karabin document.


Karabin camera support

Our company permanently supports the systems by setting up a call center. If any software or hardware issue happens for Karabin system customers in any part of the country, they can immediately call to the supporting unit of the company in order to solve the issue and receive the necessary guidelines.

Besides the call center, education and fault detection possibility is provided through an intelligent system called “Karabot” which provides supports through different ways like telegram, email and SMS and consists of educational videos, fault detection diagrams and presenting solutions for probable system issues for maintenance experts.

In cases where technical experts cannot repair the camera problems caused by various events such as power connections and lightning strikes, etc. Our company due to benefiting from several technical, installation and implementation support teams, will send some experts to any location of the country in less time possible.


Verifications and honors achieved by the Karabin

Karabin camera is primarily designed based on the world-class design and all the technical and design parameters and related standards are considered. So this camera is honored to receive several awards and verifications and certifications which include:

  • Obtaining a patent certificate from the Intellectual Property Center of the Organization for the Registration of Documents and Real Estate in 1396
  • Obtaining the European Union Standard Certificate (CE) in 1395
  • First rank at the 30th Kharazmi International Festival for successful national production in 1395
  • Certificate of technological capability from Iran Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in 1395


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Also due to the standardization of this system, it is tried to test the characteristics and features of this system in standard reference labs and receive a valid certificate. So Karabin camera is certified by competent laboratories in the following areas:

  • Dust protection test
  • Water protection test
  • Temperature test (performance and resistance to temperature rise)
  • Radiation permitted by radar test
  • Certificate of non-use for hazardous parts
  • Electrical test of fast burst resistance
  • Surge resistance electrical test
  • Continuous electromagnetic noise immunity test (including RF band)
  • Strong magnetic field resistance test
  • Safety test against voltage drop and short interruptions


Projects implemented by the Karabin camera

More than 600 Karabin cameras are already installed with different applications such as LPR, violation enforcement like unauthorized Speed, Crossing the red Light and entering the traffic zone or no entry area. These applications also include:

  • Speed violation enforcement systems in some roads in Yazd, Kerman, Isfahan, Tehran, Markazi, Mazandaran, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Hamedan, Bushehr and Khuzestan provinces
  • A system for speed violation enforcement in different cities of Yazd (Yazd, Ardakan, Bafgh, Taft, Hamidia, etc.)
  • Red light violation enforcement systems in different cities of Kurdistan province (Saqez, Marivan, Bijar, Qorveh, Kamyaran, Divandareh and …)
  • Speed violation and Red light violation enforcement systems and entering the traffic zones in different cities of Khuzestan province (Ahvaz, Mahshahr, Omidieh, etc.)
  • Speed violation enforcement systems in various cities of the country in Bushehr, Kurdistan, South Khorasan, Isfahan, Tehran and Hamedan provinces.
  • LPR Karabin camera for numerous commercial, recreational and military places like Kermanshah Petrochemical Company, Mahshahr Special Economic Zone, Namakabrood Recreational resort, Pardis Science and Technology Park …