Speedometer and tracking


“Rahbin” system is installed on police’s vehicle and it is able to (in both moving and immovable states) extract speed and detect all the vehicles in its field of vision manually or automatically. It is worth mentioning that any change in light, weather and road condition does not influence the system’s performance.

This system is based on image processing in visible frequencies, therefore it is completely passive and there is no need for extra visible or invisible projectors on vehicle. It should be noted that due to applying mathematical filters (which are appropriate for this task) on the outputs of image processing, the instantaneous errors would also be eliminated. So in order to enforce the law, the instantaneous, average and maximum speeds would be valid and accurate enough.


This system is designed in a way that makes it able to speedometer and detect the vehicles in distances from 10 to 150 meters. It is also able to speedometer and detect moving vehicles which are driving with differential speed with police vehicle up to 150 km/h. However, speeds up to 200 km/h would not lead to missing vehicles and it is still possible to speedometer and detect them or any vehicle with higher speeds.

At immovable state, there is a limitation for other passing vehicles with speeds up to 250 km/h or more.

System’s accuracy and relational errors

Multi target

This system is able to simply detect and extract the speed of all vehicles which are moving in its effective vision range and there is no limitation on the number of vehicles which are tracking simultaneously (even vehicles with a little overlapping are also detectable and trackable by our software).

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Any type of vehicle

System is not restricted in recognizing different kinds of vehicle. The vehicle itself is never recognized by the system, therefore various kinds of vehicles from their appearance, dimensions, color point of view, also (providing that not eliminating another vehicle) never hinder the recognition and detection of another vehicle.

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The existing stabilizer eliminates the effect of barriers and sudden shakes, in a way that the software would be able to continue detection in even too bumpy roads.

Stationary and moving

One of the advantages of this system compared to other existing systems in the world is its ability to keep functioning in moveable state, which is one of the biggest challenges for high-depth image processing systems. So this system is also able to speedometer and detect in stationary state on roadsides whether in vehicles direction or the opposite of their direction.

Although functionality in this state is a discrete capability which is done by fixed speed cameras, but this product is also able to overcome it perfectly and speedometer and detect vehicles accurately.

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Day and night functionality

As it was mentioned before, this system is able to accomplish its mission all day long, without using any additional projector. Although applying visible or invisible projector can improve the image quality and will facilitate the image processing work as well, but since intangibility of the system is one of the most important priorities in this project, hence so many difficult levels are passed in order to accomplish it.

In addition to the above mentioned, one of the other advantages of the system is that only police and other vehicles headlights would be enough in order to speedometer and detection task in nights.

Vehicle detection in nights
Vehicle detection in nights
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Unusual conditions

Considering the application of this system in real and operational condition, so many attempts are done by police in order to prevent reducing its efficiency in special and unusual conditions such as rainy or snowy weather, intense light variations and vehicles nominal overlapping. Results demonstrate the high capability of the system in accomplishing its mission in such situations.

Capability of detection in unusual condition


Not only the user is able to measure the speed and detect the vehicles manually by touch screen, but also by adjusting the system on the automatic state, it is able to recognize vehicles and speedometer and detect them.

Although some arrangements are considered in the user interface in order to prevent the monitor to be crowded in high traffic jams; such as: automatic adjustment of the speed limit for recognized vehicles.

But it is worth mentioning that even in automatic detection, manual selection is still active. Besides reducing the user’s permanent functions, automatic detection provides the ability to track vehicles with very high speed which manual selection of them is practically impossible.