LPR (license plate reading)


Automatic license plate reading in order to follow-up and also detection of pursued and stolen vehicles are so important in police systems. This system’s license plate reader which is naturally capable of LPR in both moving and immovable states is also able to accomplish its mission in a real-time mode without any type of visible wave projector. This system is designed in a way that can detect all of the defined plates in any proper distance with very high quality. Obviously any kind of license plates in any language can be defined and add to the system. Utilizing this system is one of the best ways to detect stolen and pursued vehicles. In addition to all these technical specifications, its monitor has a high competency for displaying and editing the detected plates and utilizing the gathered information by its simple usage and a very beautiful design.


According to the fact that this system is able to measure the speed in both moveable and immovable states, in order to enforce the law for offender drivers and all of the vehicles which may violate from system’s vision area range should be performed with high quality, speed and, accuracy in both mentioned modes. Obviously some cases like high relative speeds, sudden shakes due to movement etc. are some difficult situations which this system overcomes them successfully.

An appropriate range for reading all license plates

Zoom and focus adjustment for license plate reader cameras should be in a way that firstly enables it to cover a proper deepness for reading plates and to read the plates in heavy traffic jams when vehicles are very close to each other and as the third point be able to read the plates with speeds up to 250 km/h at a stable position. Considering these modes, it is tried to choose the best mode in order to reduce the missed plates to the least possible amount in any traffic state.

Real time

With the capability of reading 200 plates per minute without affecting other capabilities, this system is able to read all the passing vehicle plates in heavy traffic jams.


The applied camera and optical smithereens are in a way that there is no requirement for any further visible or invisible light illuminations during days.

One of the system’s advantages is ignoring and not disrupting the efficiency of the system by jammers or detectors which may be installed on offender vehicles.


Ability to read all the license plates

It is possible to add license plate templates with various fonts, sizes, colors and different languages to the system, and there is no limitation in recognizing and reading the plates which can be seen and recognized by eye.

Stolen and Pursued Vehicles

Without a doubt, one of the system’s major and important functionalities is detecting stolen and pursued vehicles. Since this system detects all the licenses plates which may pass from its vision area, store them into its database and compare them with a list of pursued vehicle plates that is stored and available at systems database, as soon as discovering any similar case a message will be sent to the user. Awareness about the existence of this system available for police may cause fear and insecurity for the offender and pursued vehicles. In addition, the system’s databases could be daily or even in real-time way updated which considerably increases the safety and security of our society.